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What are Mastermind groups?

Masterminds are small groups of business owners that come together to solve their most important business challenges and benefit from others who have done it before. Next members expand their perspectives and gain knowledge from other business owners and from small business expert group leaders.

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Move Beyond Networking

Networking organizations can be good for building your contacts, but every business owner can benefit from unbiased feedback and accountability. OmniWorks Masterminds gather peers from non-competing companies so that you can get perspectives on your biggest challenges.

How Masterminds Help You

Knowledge and Accountability


Meet monthly with your Mastermind group of motivated small business owners to get advice focused on your needs.


Grow Faster


Grow your business faster than your competitors by increasing your knowledge and overcoming your biggest challenges.


Develop Deep Relationships

Get access to other business owners who can be your next customers, partners. investors or advisors.


Mastermind Navigators


Navigators help facilitate each meeting to provide a supportive environment and guided discussions that maximize value for each member.

Mastermind Format


Monthly 90-minute virtual meetings with the same 5-7 business owners from non-competing companies designed to create trusted relationships.

Each business owner is given time to discuss their accomplishments and ask for help with a key issue they are facing. During this time the others group members provide advice and ideas to break through the barrier.



Members of each Mastermind group are evaluate and matched to achieve an optimum mix of experience, business types, revenue, and business stage to create a dynamic environment that drives results for all members.


If you want to grow your business faster and help others do the same, become a Mastermind group member now and see the impact on your business.


We are currently accepting applications from highly motivated entrepreneurs committed to building their businesses.

Applications Open Now!

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