Making a Difference

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  • 1,000 entrepreneurs

  • 89% racial minorities

  • 68% women

  • 58% in areas of low to moderate income (LMI)

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  • 97% have revenues <$1M

  • 50% are Sole Proprietors

  • 13% Retail, 13% Food, 13% Professional Services, 12% Health & Wellness, 10% Entertainment, 9% Personal Services, 5% Transportation, 4% Education, 3% Manufacturing

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  • 12 programs

  • 10,000 hours of training

  • 41 startups

  • 1,700+ jobs created / retained

  • $2.5M in microgrants to 450 entrepreneurs

In their words...

Nancy S.

Since finishing UpliftHer, my business is up 45%. I am so so thankful I participated and followed through with the wonderful advice I was given.

Carol Y.

I have learned so much. I feel more confident. I am looking into an LLC, getting an employee, and finally feel knowledgeable enough to launch a wholesale product line.

Gail H.

The NEXT program has provided me with the tools to create the structure I need and a person who totally and kindly holds me accountable for my own results. It is moving me to be more specific with the roadmap I needed.

Carmen T.

I have hired a part time person and am searching for a full time person so that I can delegate the hands-on projects that take my time from business development.... My business is on track to double by July 2022 and the support from UpliftHer and OmniWorks has provided clear tools and resources.

Candy W.

Overall mindset shift has been really great. Definitely motivated to stay more organized and do goal check-ins more often and to dream bigger. Not to limit my thinking on where I can take my company.

Jill P.

Business is back to 2019 numbers and is projected to surpass!

Help create the NEXT economy where wealth generation accrues to all.