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 Data & Technology 

Our programming methodology employs technology to provide a highly customized experience for each participant. A technology centric approach makes providing services at scale more efficient and cost effective. We utilize technology platforms to help automate and systematize participant interactions and connections including:

  • GrowthWheel coaching platform that unifies how each participant's progress is monitored.

  • Outreach email automation is used to provide ongoing “nudges” to program participants between navigator sessions 

  • Navigation, networking events, and workshops are held virtually

  • Knowledge database provides a library of content accessible to participants and navigators

  • Online community engagement platform


Data tracking is core to our program design. We use data to improve the quality of the programming components that we develop. Additionally, when we refer participants to other programs, we share program feedback to improve the effectiveness of the other resource providers within the small business support ecosystem to enhance collective impact.


All participant interactions are tracked to provide insights into the quality of the training and the participant outcomes.  Over time we will be able to analyze the data to predict most effective training methods by evaluating how past participants have benefited from specific interventions.

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