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 Peer Community 

Peer learning and opportunities for business owners to make new connections are essential components of our programming.  Often the information that really resonates with participants isn’t delivered by experts but by other entrepreneurs who have experienced the situation before.


Additionally, group accountability and support can be invaluable in helping entrepreneurs expand their comfort zone and drive new business results. We create an environment of mutual assistance through our small group mastermind sessions, online community platform, and virtual networking events.

Mastermind sessions are designed to create deeper trusted relationships with a small group of entrepreneurs. These sessions, held monthly, provide an opportunity to discuss issues, exchange resources, and be held accountable for future goals.

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The OmniWorks online community site includes a membership directory, regularly updated curated content, and a direct messaging platform.  Each cohort of programming participants has a dedicated section to continue the relationships developed while part of the program. Participants tell us that creating new relationships is one of the most important takeaways from our programs.

CONNECT networking events expand the OmniWorks community through collaborations with other business organizations. Sessions are held every other month and feature a guest speaker and small breakout rooms for participants to meet and interact.

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