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OmniWorks Economic Development Corporation

Helping Women and BIPOC Entrepreneurs Grow Business Value, Wealth, and Community

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Building an Inclusive Economy

The US economy is at an inflection point. Traditional drivers of economic prosperity have been called into question and wealth inequality is a growing social issue.


While business ownership has been a key pathway to wealth creation, women and BIPOC owners have been less successful in growing their businesses.

Raising the Bar

OmniWorks™ Economic Development Corporation works to close the support gaps available for women and BIPOC entrepreneurs.


We provide the resources essential for realizing growth with a focus on equity and cultural sensitivity -- moving solo-preneurs to employers, family businesses to resilient companies, and small firms to prime contractors.

We help increase business' value creating greater wealth in our communities.


Real economic change will not come without moving beyond the limiting beliefs of what is achievable. The entrepreneurs' drive is evident, what is lacking is support.

Compounding Impact

Rather than simply adding more training sessions, we asked entrepreneurs what was missing. 


Overwhelmingly, we heard they wanted individual coaching and a way to build relationships with other business owners.  Fee-based business membership organizations exist to fill this need, but are beyond the budget for many small business owners.

We believe ALL motivated entrepreneurs should have access to this type of support. This led us to create NEXT, featuring coaching and community resources for startups and Main Street businesses. 


Our approach brings existing quality programs provided by the ecosystem together with our additional supportive layers, including personalized business navigator coaching, peer collaborations, and community networking.  By filling in knowledge gaps, building confidence, connecting community, and holding entrepreneurs accountable, we accelerate business owners’ success. By combining our NEXT program with currently available offerings, we improve the impact for both the participants and the ecosystem.  

Our Goal:

Assist 1,000 entrepreneurs to grow annual revenues to $1,000,000

Resulting in $1 billion in combined economic impact!

NEXT Program

We believe the best way to meet the needs of under-resourced small business owners is building trusted relationships with coaches, experts and peer networks, and to support the entrepreneurs throughout their journey.

Over the past 4 years, in partnership with 26 community organizations and funders, we have assisted 1,000 entrepreneurs, provided 10,000 training hours, and helped participants access $2.5 million in funding.  


Through this experience, we developed the NEXT program, which prioritizes relationships, leverages existing ecosystem resources, and utilizes data and technology to scale impact.

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NEXT is a year-long, cohort-based, virtual program incorporating personalized business coaching, mastermind groups, vetted subject matter expert consultants, Expert Workshops, CONNECT networking events, and an online community where small business owners can meet and exchange ideas. 

What Entrepreneurs Are Saying

Lissette A, Los Angeles, CA

They believed in me more than I believed in myself... Most of all, they gave me the support and confidence to keep going.

Diana C, Los Angeles, CA

Looking back just a few months ago, I was completely lost and doing my best to make things work. Now I have a goal, I have support, and I have an endless source of knowledge with the program coordinators and alumni from this cohort.

Terolyn P, Los Angeles, CA

While taking this course, I realized that there was so much that I did not know about marketing my business, understanding my customer and staff types, human resources, and the importance of not doing this alone.

More than a program…
We're tackling wealth inequality

Business ownership is one of the major drivers of generational wealth creation in the US.  And while BIPOC and women entrepreneurs are creating more businesses than other demographics, these businesses tend to generate less revenue, employ fewer people, and stay small.  


OmniWorks is partnering with community organizations, ecosystem supporters, government entities, philanthropy, and corporations to improve the outcomes for these businesses and those that support them.  Our goal is to create 1,000 businesses each generating $1 million in annual revenue creating $1 billion in economic impact. 


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Join our $1B Club and help create the NEXT economy where wealth generation accrues to all.

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